Comments from Some of Our Customers

Bed Bug Killer And Repellent
Great product!
Great product!!!! I can’t believe how well this worked!!!! Natural, doesn’t smell – plus saved me lots of $$$$!
So, I went on a trip with friends out of state and stayed at a brand-name hotel – that had third-world problems. Bed bugs?? Really?? Didn’t expect that at all. Went online looking for solutions, discovered that apparently bed bugs are an issue and very hard to get rid of. Great. Now what? I contacted some pest control companies, and they gave me prices with too many zeros. Plus, the stuff they would be spraying had lots of consonants, and sounded like it was the chemical formula for the Death Ray. Well, didn’t think I had any choice but to inhale the poison and hope I don’t grow fish scales. Luckily, I was fiddling with amazon and ran across this bed bug killer. Hmmm. What if it works? I honestly thought it wouldn’t – but it was way cheaper and at least wouldn’t cause me to sprout a tail. Worth a shot, right? So I ordered it – and lo and behold, the little rotten bloodsuckers died! I’m bed bug free!! No chemicals, and no eating ramen noodles for a month to pay for it either. Thanks guys, great job!!!! Now go to these hotels and make them bathe in your stuff. It will save us all a lot of grief.

2 in 1 Ant & Roach And Repellent
Loving this formula…
I was skeptical upon ordering but wanted to give it chance knowing it was ecofriendly. I treat outdoors with professional pesticides but don’t want it indoors so it’s nice to use this to spray my baseboards, door entry and patio slider footings. I also sprayed the stucco crevices at my front door as spiders and other flying insects like to make their tiny nests there. I give it a quick sweep with this formula and they are dead and it seems to deter other insects as well. Since I have used this I don’t see any insects indoors. I’m thrilled.

Total Insect Killer And Repellent
A lot of progress since the first day of using…
A lot of progress since the first day of using this product 3 weeks ago to kill the live Outdoor American Roaches. I have been spraying around the patio perimeter and outside the garage – I’ve only seen one in 3 weeks – when in the past before using this product, we were seeing and killing 20 plus everyday. So basically this product dominates in repelling and killing! Thank you!

Rodent Away Repellent
Rats are Repelled
Rats were eating my green bell pepper plants. I sprayed the pots with this repellent and it worked!!! Green leaves are once again sprouting on the stems. I do have to respray after rain or sprinkler system. To clarify, I garden in pots–tomatoes, herbs, etc, because I have a male dog.

Rabbit & Deer Repellent
Really works, and continues to work even after it rains
I have a severe deer problem in my yard even though I live in the suburbs and not the country. A small herd arrives on almost a daily basis and they eat almost everything. I have learned over the years to plant only very deer resistant shrubs and flowers but there are a few which are not deer resistant that I cannot live without. For these I have used netting which is a huge hassle as the plants grow and become entangled in the net. I have also tried a few home concoctions using dish soap, garlic and hot peppers but these have been only marginally successful and very time consuming to make. Hence I am always interested in trying store bought sprays that are reasonably priced and I prefer ones that I don’t need to mix myself. But most of all I appreciate a product that works, doesn’t make me gag when I use it or am out in the yard, and will endure beyond the first rainfall or two. This product succeeds on all counts. The product does not smell putrid to me although I assume it does to the deer because they have avoided to perennials that I sprayed it on. It is easy to use – it doesn’t require mixing. Finally, it still seems to be repelling the deer in my garden after 20 days and two rainfalls. I count that as a win.

Dust Mite Killer
Great for allergy sufferers!
I have terrible allergies and one of the main culprits are dust mites. This product really helps me! The spray bottle and even the smell of the product reminds me of an enzymatic carpet cleaner. When I use it, I feel like my house is cleaner and I can breathe easier. I put it on my bookshelves, spray it in the closets, and even under the beds. It helps control the sneezing and watery eyes I have learned to live with on a daily basis. I am very happy with the results from the use of it.

Total Insect Killer And Repellent
Works great and no unpleasant smell!
We recently started having some issues with bird mites as lots of pigeons started nesting in our roof, close to the ventilation vents as well as awnings close to our windows. We started noticing red bumps/bites that itched pretty badly. We cleared the nests around the vents and I decided to purchase something to get rid of the mites that made their way inside our home. As I have a furry baby I wanted something that would be pet friendly so I decided to test the 2-1 total insect killer as well as the dust mite killer and repellent. I used the insect killer around our windows, vents, and baseboards. I sprayed the dust mite killer in our beds, sofa and curtains. I can now say we are mite free and no more bites have been noticed. What I have also noticed was less spiders and silverfish. We did not have loads before, but would see a few every now and then. I’m really happy with these products from Go-Green and highly recommend!